Denys Friendlies

A vibrant, welcoming and supportive group where adults can come together for conversation, activities and outings. We particularly welcome people who live with anxiety and mental health concerns. Denys Friendlies is a safe space for individuals to make friends and take part in activities as part of a group. We want all of our friends to feel welcomed. No need to book, just turn up and join in.


Mondays 10:00–12:00 (except for bank holidays)


St. Denys Church

Extra info

Free (though you’re welcome to put something in the pot towards refreshments)

Below are the guidelines Denys Friendlies keep in mind:

    • RESPECT: Everyone is different (we think that’s brilliant!) please be respectful of other people, their thoughts, opinions and feelings.
    • KINDNESS IS KEY: We want Friendlies to be a welcoming environment, where people feel supported to make new friends. Please be kind (even if you don’t agree)
    • SAFETY: If you are concerned about the safety of yourself or someone you know, speak with a member of the team; under the safeguarding guidelines, we can support you in keeping safe.(Guidelines on Safeguarding will be followed, if you choose to disclose an issue with a member of the team, this may affect confidentiality)
    • RESPECT CONFIDENTIALITY: We want our friends to feel secure if they choose to disclose personal information to the group. “What is shared at Friendlies, stays at Friendlies”.
    • SENSITIVE SUBJECTS: At Friendlies we may share personal information with each other about our lives. Some of these topics may be of a sensitive nature or upsetting for some people and may not be appropriate for “morning thoughts”. The team are available to talk on a “one to one” basis to offer support.


COVID-19 and our groups

Please note that some of our usual groups are meeting online due to COVID-19, some are on pause, and some are meeting in person with all relevant safety measures and distancing in place. Please check the calendar at the bottom of the page for details of upcoming meetings. 

Upcoming Denys Friendlies Meetings