The Sunday Lunch Project


The Sunday Lunch Project hosts a  free sit-down meal every Sunday at St Denys Church (and also at Woolston). 

Food is served 11.30am  - 12.30 (approx) but you can come along before then for a chat and a cuppa.

Customers are invited to sit down and relax at a table, enjoy conversation, table service, a hot meal and pudding, with a takeaway to take home or to share with a friend

Unlimited tea & coffee available. all welcome, no questions asked. everything is free to our customers. Unfortunately we cannot accomodate children. Free clothing is also available.

The Project is an independent charity, and it's our delight to host one of their meal hubs here at St Denys Church. 

If you'd like to find out more about The Sunday Lunch Project then visit their website, available here.