Volunteer Zone

Welcome to the Volunteer Zone

Welcome to the new and growing zone for St Denys Church Volunteers! You'll find a range of things here that help equip you to be a volunteer who is safe and informed. 

Whether you are involved in practical tasks or pastoral roles, whether you are in contact with kids or adults, whether you are a team member or team leader... there is really important information here you. 

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Forms to Complete

    • Volunteer Registration Form - click here
    • Self-disclosure Form - click here

Essential Guides

    • The Church of England Code of Safer Working - it's really useful and important - click here.
    • For everyone volunteering on a team- click here
    • For overall leaders of groups, teams or ministry areas - click here

Specific Guides

    • Planning ratios for kids’ activities - click here
    • Transporting children or young people - click here
    • Using social media - click here
    • Visiting adults - click here
    • Lone-working - click here

Safeguarding Guidance for…

    • Quick Guide to Responding Promptly to Every Safeguarding Concern- A Quick Guide  - click here
    • Understanding the key concepts and definitions -click here
    • Understanding signs, symptoms and types of abuse - click here
    • If a child tells of abuse - click here
    • If a parent or other person reports abuse - click here
    • If a person discloses that they are harming a child, young person or adult - click here
    • Helpful Contacts - click here

Important these documents are a summary for reference. They are no substitute for training.

For the full Safeguarding Practices and Guidelines Volunteer Guide, click here. 

Policies To Read

    • Safeguarding Policy Statement - click here
    • Recruitment of Ex-offenders - policy - click here
    • Our full Safeguarding Policies Document - click here. 
    • Promoting a Safer Church - Church of England Guidance - available here. 

Training Information & Links 

    • Portal to National Safeguarding Training - click here
    • Overview of Different levels of Safeguarding Training