Abide - Onsite Retreat Mornings

Three times a year on a Saturday morning we take over the whole site to create space for prayer, reflection, reading, stillness and tuning into God. All adults welcome

Making space to focus on God


Despite best intentions, it can be hard to make space to focus in on God for a while. And yet it is so good to do it. 

Making time to focus on God  makes a difference to the rest of our lives, our perspectives and our rhythm. So three times a year we take over the  whole of the St Denys church site to create space and time to simple focus on being with God, listening to God and responding to God. We call these mornings 'Abide'.


We know that God connects with people in different ways, and so we hope to give space for each person to listen and respond in ways that we work for them. 

The idea is that we'll provide all sorts of art and craft materials, some books and reading material, and also some images for you to use. We'll offer a room for silent reflection, but also other rooms for talking. There'll be a time of worship at the beginning and end (including Communion) and a simple lunch to finish. There's also opportunity to prayer one-to-one with a pastoral leader.


To find out dates of the next 'Abide' and to book a place, keep an eye on the Calendar below.


We suggest you bring the following: yourself, a Bible, something to write on, some comfortable clothes you can relax in.


We suggest a donation of £5, but it's optional, don't let that be barrier to you coming along. 


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