Our services are informal and are centred around exploring the Bible and sharing Holy Communion. All ages are welcome, wherever you are on your faith journey.

Services in the Building 


We have services every Sunday and special services across the year including at Easter, Christmas and Remembrance Sunday.  Most of our services normally last about an hour, including communion,music, prayers, Bible readings and a talk.  At the 10 am, there are always activities to help kids connect, explore and participate and twice a month there's our kids group. Sometimes there is a baptism as part of the service.  Whether you are young or old, familiar with church or simply intrigued, asking lots of question or feeling you're on solid ground... you are welcome.


10 am Sunday Service - every week

The 10am service includes music, prayers, Bible readings, a short talk and Holy Communion. These services are for everyone, and that includes you! Kids of all ages are very welcome, and each week there are either activities to do with parents/carers or our kids' groups. 



8.30am Sunday Service - twice a month, on the first and third Sundays (not in August)

The 8.30am service is a shorter & quieter communion service. There's no singing or music, and instead the words of Common Worship liturgy and the Bible readings are the focus for worship and prayer. It's on the first and third Sundays of the month, and you can check the calendar at the bottom of this page to find out when the next one is. It's a peaceful, prayerful way to start the day.


Special Services 

We have special services throughout the year, to mark important times in the Christian faith. Christmas, Lent and Easter are three of these times. We also have a special themes in some of our Sunday morning services when we focus on things like the environment or one of our collaborations partners such as Christian Aid or Safe Families

Services Online


Our online services are specially crafted to be inspiring, down-to-earth, and rooted in and around the St Denys' community. Many are between 20 & 30 minutes and contains a combination of music, prayers and reflections, with images and people linked with St Denys. Our Messy Online videos were created with kids and their families in mind, and are just 10 minutes in length and are great fun. 


You'll find a fantastic treasure trove of videos on our Youtube Channel: St Denys Church Southampton


Here are some of the highlights on our channel...


Coming Soon... 'Faith & Life' Online Service

Each month we'll be hearing from folkwho are friends and followers of Jesus, about how faith and life combine together, and what Bible passages, songs and habits help them. In hearing from each other, we can learn, be encouraged and grow as friends and followers of Jesus. Starts in Spring 2024


St Denys Online Simple Services:

It's been a delight since 2020 to be bringing you regular Simple Services that explore a passage of scripture and how it applies to our lives. Each Simple Service combines prayers, music, a short talk and ideas of application in our every day lives. Take a look here


Messy Online: 

Created to inspire and encourage kids and their families in their faith, these short videos combine stories, activities, music and LOTS of emojis to celebrate God's love in our lives. Take a look here for


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