Booking Information and Enquiry Form

Access, parking and how to book... all this and more is included below.

Room Availability:

  • Rooms can be booked until 11pm (except for Sundays which is 9pm). This includes at least half an hour for clearing away.
  • All loud music and noise must stop at 10pm (or 8pm on Sundays)
  • The Hall is not available on Sundays until 2.30pm
  • All our rooms are busy, and a number of regular events and bookings are already in place



  • We will have a team member to let you in. If not, we will arrange for you to have the door code. Access to the room/rooms will be from the time you have booked. 

 Finishing Time:

  •  The times you book include your set up and clear away. It is expected you will have cleared and tidied the room/rooms by the time stated in the booking. If you anticipate longer stay, it is vital that you book for a longer period. 


Clearing Up:

  • You are responsible for making sure the rooms you have hired are clean and tidy, with all rubbish removed by the end of your hire period.


  • An invoice will normally be issued within 2 weeks of your booking date and you can pay online, by card or in cash at the St. Denys Church Office. We do have to apply an extra charge of 30p when paying by card. 

 Car Parking:

  • There is parking on site for up to 14 cars, with additional parking available in the surrounding streets.
  •  If there are a large number of cars attending your event please inform us. We will try to arrange for extra parking, however we cannot promise this can be arranged.  

Emergency Contact:

  • If you need to contact someone during the use of the facilities use the emergency contact number displayed on the office door and window. 

Changes to your Booking:

Any queries or changes to the booking please contact the office in time for us to reply. 


Rooms for Hire

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Current Prices

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