Sunday Morning Kids

During our 10am Sunday morning service we offer creative and caring ways for kids to explore and encounter faith and belonging

What is available for Kids on a Sunday Morning?


We firmly believe that kids are part of the church of today, not of tomorrow. We take an integrated approach to welcoming, nurturing and being inspired by the younger members of the church family. We want them to feel relaxed and valued, and able to grow in faith in ways that fit with them.



Our Sunday Morning Kids Group: Mustard Seeds


This group has its own space in the church called 'The Den'  where group leaders and kids of all ages come together to explore faith together. There's a mixture of activities, including games, stories, creativity and prayer. And one of the real strengths of this group, is kids of different ages building friendships with one another and with Jesus.



The Kids Zones:

On the weeks when we don't run the more structured kids' group, we give kids space and resources for them to be creative, reflective, curious and innovative. There's the 'Puzzle Zone', 'Book Zone', 'Art & Making Zone' and 'Games Zone.' It's always intriguing to catch up with the kids and see what has inspired them through these sessions.





All the kids activities and resources are based within the main church and kids are free to move around the whole space. There are some special zones that are particulary kid friendly and that includes a dedicated room that we call The Den. There's also a large space with tables, sofas and huge cardboard boxes where kids and their carers can relax and still be part of the service. 




Twice a month in the 10am Service we run our dedicated kids group called Mustard Seeds. That's always in the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month (you can check the calendar below to see when the next one is).


And then on the other two or three weeks, our kids get the freedom and flexibility of the Resource Zones


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